In the News

10-27-2020: “Wet-dry cycling and the protocell properties of complex coacervates” – Nature Research Chemistry Community

10-27-2020: “Models for potential precursors of cells endure simulated early-Earth conditions”Penn State News, ScienceDaily

10-27-2020: “Study shows how tiny compartments could have preceded cells” – PME UChicago News,

07-01-2020: “Featured Papers July 2020”Molecules

06-07-2018: “Using Magnets to Control DNA-Robots”— Cosmos Magazine

06-04-2018: “New Nanoscale DNA Robots Faster and More Controllable”— Biocompare

06-04-2018: “Magnetic Control System to Control Miniature, DNA-Based Robots”— AZoRobotics

06-01-2018: “Breakthrough in Controlling DNA-based Robots” — Ohio State News,

02-22-2018: “Imaging Flexible DNA ‘Building Blocks’ in 3D” — Berkeley Lab News Center

07-13-2017: “Dissertation Defense”OSU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

05-15-2017: “Student Poster Award Winners”OSU Institute for Materials Research

12-23-2016: “Biophysical Society announces winners of 2017 Education Travel Awards” — AAAS EurekAlert

12-09-2016: “Buckeye engineers receive Presidential Fellowships” — OSU College of Engineering

12-01-2016: “Marras Awarded Prestigious Presidential Fellowship” — OSU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

08-01-2016: “The Rise of DNA Nanorobots” — ASME Mechanical Engineering Magazine

03-19-2015: “Nanodevices Built with DNA Origami” — John Hopkins University Institute for NanoBioTechnology

03-03-2015: “Designing Mechanical Functions into DNA Nanotechnology” — Foresight Institute

02-05-2015: “On the Move” — Nature Nanotechnology

01-31-2015: “A Tunable Hinge Joint for DNA Nanotechnology” — Foresight Institute

01-30-2015: “DNA Origami: Tiny Machines that Morph” — Columbus Business First

01-28-2015: “Structural DNA Nanotechnology with Programmed Motions” — Foresight Institute

01-23-2015: “Slider and Hinge Joints” — Nature Materials

01-21-1015: “DNA Origami Might Lead to Real Life ‘Transformers’” — The Lantern

01-20-2015: “DNA Origami Machine Elements with Complex Motion” — PNAS

01-13-2015: “Nanodevices Hinge on DNA Origami” — Materials Today

01-12-2015: “DNA Origami Makes Moving Machines” — RSC Chemistry World

01-12-2015: “How to Create the World’s Most Complex 3D-motion Nanomachines from DNA” — Kurzweil AI

01-07-2015: “‘Transformer’ Style Molecular Machines Made of DNA Hold Promise in World of Biomedicine” — International Business Times

01-06-2015: “Researchers Turn DNA Into Robotic ‘Transformers'” — Gizmodo io9

01-06-2015: “Engineered DNA Make Nano-Machines” — Txchnologist

01-06-2015: “Ohio State researchers create DNA ‘Transformers’” — Columbus Dispatch

01-05-2015: “DNA Origami Could Lead to Nano “Transformers” for Biomedical Applications” — OSU News,