I’m a postdoc and University of Chicago and a PhD graduate from Ohio State University with a specialty in self-assembled biomaterials. My dissertation project focused on developing DNA-based machine elements and actuation methods. My postdoctoral work explores polyelectrolyte complexation of biomaterials.

Upcoming travel:

  • AIChE Conference (Nov 2019)
    • Sun. Nov. 10 1:00-3:00pm in Hyatt Ballroom R/S – Meet the Faculty Candidate (poster)
    • Sun. Nov. 10 4:42-5:00pm in Hyatt Celebration 7 – Biomaterials and Life Science Engineering: Faculty Candidates I (oral presentation)
    • Mon. Nov. 11 10:00-10:12am in Hyatt Celebration 11 – Charged and Ion Containing Polymers I (oral presentation)
    • Wed. Nov. 13 3:30-6:00pm in Hyatt Discovery 44 – Self-Assembled Biomaterials (co-chair)
  • APS March Meeting (Mar 2020)
    • Invited Talk – tentatively Mon, Mar 2 8-11AM
    • TBD

2016 talk at the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (link)

Crank-slider DNA origami mechanism from 2015 PNAS paper (link)



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