I’m a postdoc at University of Chicago and a PhD graduate from Ohio State University with a specialty in self-assembled biomaterials. My dissertation project focused on developing DNA-based machine elements and actuation methods. My postdoctoral work explores polyelectrolyte complexation of biomaterials.

Upcoming travel:

  • APS March Meeting – Denver (Mar 2020)
    • Mon, Mar 2 9:48-10:24AM – Remote Control of Macromolecular Devices – Room 405-407 (Invited Talk)
    • Thurs, Mar 5 4:06-4:18PM – Macromolecular Phase Separation in Biology II – Room 304 (Contributed Talk)
Check out our new methods video and paper published in JoVE! “Assembly and Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles” – videopaper
Marras et al., PNAS 2015 introduced our machine design approach for molecular robotics – read it here
Tirrell lab @ UChicago Molecular Engineering
“The Science of Self-Assembly”
Castro lab @ OSU Mechanical Engineering
“DNA-based Nanostructures”