Hi! I’m a postdoc at University of Chicago specializing in biomolecular self-assembly, using tunable soft materials for nanoscale engineering. My current work involves polyelectrolyte complexation with DNA and other biomolecules for nanoparticle assembly. My doctoral research at Ohio State University introduced DNA-based machine elements and rapid actuation methods.


I’m guest editing a Special Issue of Applied Sciences titled “Mechanical Design in DNA Nanotechnology” – more info here!

Check out our new methods video and paper published in JoVE! “Assembly and Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles” – videopaper

Marras et al., PNAS 2015 introduced our machine design approach for molecular robotics – read it here

Associated Labs:

Tirrell lab @ UChicago Molecular Engineering
“The Science of Self-Assembly”
Castro lab @ OSU Mechanical Engineering
“DNA-based Nanostructures”